About Karam

Al-Karam Al-Arabi for Catering Services Limited operating under the trade name of Karam Services is part of Xenel Industries, one of the largest and oldest groups of companies of Saudi Arabia with diversified business interests.

Karam’s aim is to provide internationally recognized food and support service standards across the region, supporting the growth of our clients, enabling them to focus on their core activities. The name of “Al-Karam Al-Arabi” reflect our specialty services meaning “Arabic Generosity” found at the heart of our service style.

The scope of Karam’s Services was developed to meet the service requirements within the growing hospitality and industrial services sector across the Arabian Peninsula. Put simply, to meet the requirements of the services in any location to create a home away from home environment.

Combining the operational strengths of Al-Karam and our experiences within the hospitality and support services sector, Karam has the capacity and proven ability to meet the demands of our clients in the government and private sector in a cost-effective manner.

Catering & Support Services is an area that touches every part of our clients' business and at Karam Services we are ever mindful of the positive impact we have in ensuring our clients' employees, contractors and visitors perceive your organization in the right light. ​

Karam Services is founded on the principles that our people are at the heart of our business and service philosophy, and their commitment, expertise, diversity, and skills provide the foundations on which our success is based.

We are passionate in our pursuit of excellence and our Vision & Values seek to create a dynamic environment in which to work and do business. We create an environment where we and our teams are pulling in the same direction, sharing ideas and best practices, being progressive in our management style. We seek to create a learning community for our employees, to connect, educate, and empower people to perform to the best of their abilities.

Their commitment, expertise, diversity, and ability to grow with Karam are the foundations on which we have built to continue in success.

In a continually changing market place, it is important that our staff are kept abreast of the latest trends and changes in legislation and food safety. Our comprehensive training and development programs ensure that our staff is able to maintain our market-leading position and promote a positive work safe environment for our clients and customers.

Karam’s commitment to its colleagues is embedded within our culture and is further reinforced during the employees’ appraisals and reviews. Karam shares in its achievements and success - rewarding our colleagues’ financially and providing a structured development path leading to a stable future.

Karam’s organization structure ensures close contact with customers ensuring prompt response to their needs and accountability of Karam’s staff at each level having multi-layered management.

Each project is supervised by a dedicated camp boss/unit manager who reports to a project supervisor responsible for a number of projects within a defined territory who in turn reports to a project manager responsible for specific clients. Project managers report to the head of operations i.e. Operations Manager.